Asked Questions

What are your daily rates?

Compact SUV/All Wheel Drive Automatic: $88 per day (Subaru Forester)
Large Station Wagon Automatic: $88 per day (Ford Station Wagon)
Upmarket Model Compact SUV/All Wheel Drive Automatic:$99 per day (Subaru Forester w/leather seats and sunroof, climate control)
Upmarket Large Station Wagon Automatic: $99 per day (Ford Station Wagon w/faux wood styling and sports exhaust, slightly larger)
Medium SUV/All Wheel Drive Automatic: $105 per day (Subaru Outback w/leather or cloth seats, sunroof, climate control)

All cars are automatic and car seat compatible (check each car description for details). We also drop cars off to custom locations like Grassy and Currie for a very minimal rate. All cars are also kept to a high standard no matter the rate or car type, NO ‘budget bangers’ or ‘bombs’ here. We aim for consistent quality with every hire and maintain that King Island cars can be kept rust-free and well presented with some TLC.

Is hiring a car essential for the best travel experience?

Yes, hiring a car is the ONLY way to get around unless you are on a guided tour. You’ll be in a pickle without one as there are no taxi, public transport, ride-share, chauffeuring or shuttle services anywhere on the island, including from the Airport. Hire cars are also great for exploring at your own pace as a tourist and getting to where you need to be if you’re here on business.


Can I book a hire car when I arrive or do I have to do it online?

You need to book a car in advance either online with this website or by contacting us to ensure you have a car available and ready for you when you arrive.
You can book instantly through this website by clicking the Hire A Car Button in the top right corner of the page. Select a car, enter your dates in the calendar and click the Book Now button. Enter your details in the booking form and ensure you tick the box near the bottom that shows that you agree to the terms and conditions. Once confirmed you should receive an email. Contact us if you haven’t received it or check your spam folder.

Alternatively, you can call or email us and we can make a booking for you.

Do I need a 4WD?

Not unless you are intending to go on a 4WD track. If you’re just sticking to the main roads our range of Compact and Medium AWDs or station wagons should be perfect for you.

What is the max.seating capacity for your cars and your size range?

The maximum seating capacity for all cars is 5 adults. If you are part of a group of 4-5 people or require more space for luggage or golf clubs a Station Wagon could be for you. If you are part of a group of 2-4 people with a couple of bags each a Compact or Medium AWD could be for you. Our smallest car type is the Compact AWD while our largest is the Station Wagon.

Do you have a desk at the Airport and do we meet you upon arrival?

No, we don’t have a desk at the Airport and meeting you there is not required. We use a contactless pickup and drop-off service model. Contactless system, also referred to as desk-free, means that our service is provided without you needing to meet one of our team members in person at a desk to collect your car. Essentially, you complete your hire documents and pay before you arrive, and collect your car by entering a passcode into a lockbox on the car containing the keys (kind of like how Airbnb and some hotels work). It is a very efficient and user friendly system, approved by customers aged 22 all the way to over 70.
Our TV slideshow in the Airport Terminal above the tourism brochures can be referred to for extra guidance, and we’re always happy to help.

What is the pick-up/drop-off process?

When you book, we send you the paperwork we need you to provide/complete via email to verify your driver details. After all paperwork and payment is completed, you will receive an email with a 4-digit pass code and instructions on how to locate and unlock your car. Your car will be in our parking area at the front of long term parking (only about 2 minutes’ walk from the terminal, we will send you a birds eye view map). Please be mindful of traffic when crossing.

Just enter your code into the lockbox on the car window unlocking the key, and the car will be ready to drive. To return your car just park in the same area, lock it up, and lock the keys in the lockbox (essentially the locking process in reverse). Refer to your Lockbox Code and Instructions email for step by step guidance. Please note that due to poor drainage in the parking area, it may get a bit wet after moderate rain. We will aim to park in the driest spot we can.

Do I have to pay upfront or can I pay upon arrival, and do you invoice?

We mainly process payments instantly through our website, however you can contact us for alternative arrangements, like invoices. All payment is due before your arrival/hire as we don’t meet you in person, therefore we cannot process eftpos payments upon arrival.

Why am I having trouble booking on this site?

Make sure you have filled in all required fields on the booking form and that your payment method is correct. Please note that we do not accept American Express cards, so an alternative card will have to be used. Check the little box at the bottom to show that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions. If you are still having issues please call us.

What insurance is included and are there excess reduction options available?

Included in your hire cost is LDW (Loss Damage Waiver). This reduces the liability from the full value of the vehicle to a standard excess amount. The insurance covers single vehicle accident and third party loss, it doesn’t cover overhead, underbody and water damage.

Our excess is generally $2500 for single vehicle accident and $3500 for third party accident insurance and in the case of vehicle theft or loss. An additional $1000 excess applies for drivers aged between 21-24.

We offer a reduction from $3500 to $500 for $25 per day. Please contact us if you want to add this option to your hire as we currently don’t have it as an add-on on our site when booking.

We don’t offer Zero Excess or Tyre and Windscreen Protection options at this time.

Alternatively, you may want to get travel insurance that covers hire cars. Most comprehensive travel insurance policies (both domestic and international) cover car hire excess either automatically or for an additional premium. If your policy does include car hire excess insurance, you don’t need to pay the excess reduction fee and you’ll be covered for the excess payment itself as well.

View our terms and conditions under legal for specifics, or contact us.

What paperwork do I need to do, and why?

At least 24 hrs before hire you need to sign our terms and conditions (hire agreement), send through your current driver’s license and airline ticket, and complete payment. Upon arrival we also need you to sign the vehicle condition report included in the car acknowledging the existing wear and damage.

We collect this information from you so we can confirm your identity and for insurance purposes. Our service is contactless so we won’t be meeting you in person.You can send it to our email If we can’t verify you within the 24 hour cutoff your hire will be cancelled and you will be refunded minus a fee equivalent to a single day’s hire. Contact us if you’re hiring on short notice (24-48 hrs before) you’re already on the island or haven’t booked your flight yet.

Sending misleading information is an offense and breach of contract.



How do I complete the hire agreement and can I do it digitally?

We will email the hire agreement to you in pdf format.You must complete the agreement by signing it and including the signatures of any extra (nominated) drivers.
You can choose to print and sign by hand, take a photo or scan and email to us. If you want to complete the form digitally, you can use a program like Adobe Acrobat. Use the fill and sign function, save and email to us. Then all you need to do is send through your driver’s license and airline ticket and you’re good to go. If you require assistance with this, feel free to contact us.

Is there a pre-existing damage report I have to sign, and why?

Yes, in your vehicle you will find the Vehicle Damage/Condition Report completed by our workshop. It outlines in detail the existing wear and tear/damage noted down before the car reaches you. To acknowledge that you saw this report and accept the vehicle’s current condition you need to sign it (taking photos of the car as well is even better). It helps in evidence gathering during a dispute and so you don’t get questioned for damage you didn’t cause (as any previous damage/wear is noted in the report and acknowledged by both parties).

What are the driver's licence requirements, and can I hire a car with a foreign licence?

We hire to people from all countries. Just make sure that you and any extra driver/s have a current valid license which is issued in an Australian state or territory or an international license (with a valid International Driving Permit or an approved translation into English if the license is not issued in English). It must also be appropriate for the vehicle class and not subject to any restriction or condition. If you are an international traveler please be aware of Australian rules and regulations. Australian cars are right hand drive and drive on the left hand side of the road.

What are the age limits for hiring a car?

We hire for those aged between 18 to 85, however if you are under 24 or over 75 contact us to discuss your hire options and insurance before booking. Additional excess of $1000 applies for drivers aged between 21-24.

Are there any extra fees and charges on top of the advertised rate?

Unlike larger hire car companies, we don’t sneak in extra fees and charges at the last minute when you put a vehicle in your cart. Whatever is advertised is what the car costs per day, which includes GST and insurance (Loss Damage Waiver or LDW). Instead, here is a list of things we don’t charge for:

NO additional admin fees

NO premium airport location fees

NO extra driver charges

NO kilometer limits or charges

NO daily number plate/rego fees

NO out of hours pickup fees

Can I add another driver and does it cost extra?

It is free to add another driver. To add, get them to sign the hire agreement and send their drivers license. If you are the hirer but aren’t driving, You still need to sign the hire agreement. If someone else who isn’t nominated drives the car, you as the hirer have breached the contract and are liable for any damage they cause.

How do I book a hire car if I don't have my flight ticket yet or I'm already on the Island?

You can still book a car in advance, you just need to inform us when you do get your flight information so we can ensure your car is ready for you. If you are on the island already, just enter you collection and return times and inform us via call or email.

Do any of your cars have parking sensors or reversing cameras?

Yes, a few of our cars have parking sensors but reversing cameras aren’t an option currently. It should say on the car features if it has sensors. Always take care when reversing. 

Is there mobile service on King Island?

Yes, but only for those who are on the Telstra 4G/3G service (incl. Aldi, Boost and Belong). Those on the Optus or Vodafone 4G/3G networks (incl. Dodo, Amaysim, Kogan Mobile) will not receive mobile service. To change this you will need to put a Telstra SIM card in your phone. This can be purchased from supermarkets and Telstra vendors. It has instructions on the packaging that tells you how to insert it into your phone and activate it. You will need a WiFi connection to activate. Contact your provider for assistance, or research help articles online.

We do remind our customers about the network, but if you didn’t get a Telstra SIM card before arrival you can go to the Currie Post Office or Foodworks and purchase one. However be aware that they don’t always have stock and you must have a WiFi connection to activate it.

Are there kilometer/mileage restrictions and charges?

No, all cars have unlimited kilometers.

Can I drive my hire car on a gravel/unsealed road?

Yes you can! You would be greatly limited if you couldn’t as attractions like the beautiful Seal Rocks lookout, Calcified Forest and Disappointment Bay are on unsealed roads. Accommodations like Bass Lodge, Turnstone Beach House and Kittawa Lodge are also a bit off the main road too. Just remember that gravel roads can be very dangerous so take extra care.

What are potential driving hazards I should avoid?

There are thousands of wallabies on King Island and they cross the road at all times of day, especially around dusk, dawn and night time. We suggest that you avoid driving at night and be aware of animal remains as they can also damage your hire car.

The roads are narrow with two lanes only and many are gravel. Allow more room for passing trucks and tractors, and even the occasional escaped cow.

Recommended speeds are 80 km/h on sealed roads and 60km/h on gravel roads.
Avoid driving on roads where branches could scratch the sides of the car,and the bottom of the car scrapes. Charges may apply to fix scratches, under body and paintwork damage.


What are restricted roads for my hire car?

1.Any tracks clearly marked 4wd only unless you have a 4WD hire car.
2.Tracks/driveways/roads that are overgrown with vegetation and have protruding branches that can scratch the sides of a car are prohibited to all hire cars. If you end up on one of these roads try to turn back or reverse carefully to the best of your abilities and watch out for incoming traffic.
3.Cataraqui Rd (to the monument) off South Road unless you have a 4WD hire car.
4.Red Hut rd to Colliers Beach unless you have a 4WD hire car.
5.Any tracks off the main track of the Pegarah State Forest (A.K.A the Forestry) for all vehicles due to high volume of branches and trees that fall on the road. This area receives almost no maintenance work from the local council and mobile signal is largely nonexistent.
6.Bungaree road near the end unless you have a 4WD hire car
7.Seal River Rd
8.Sandblow Beach track unless you have a 4WD hire car and it’s dry

Charges will apply for significant scratching and paintwork damage because we have to take the time to buff them out and eventually the car will need to be repainted if all hirers keep scratching them. Let us know what roads seem to be overgrown/in disrepair so we can record and report it to the local council.

Can I drive on the beach?

Unfortunately not. While it is tempting our hire cars are not meant to be driven on the beach or used for off-roading. Not only can it cause damage to your hire car but you can get bogged, pose a fire risk, and damage precious wildlife habitats. Most beaches and attractions are easily accessible through main roads so off-roading is not necessary to reach the perfect fishing, surfing or photo spot. Avoid driving on roads where branches could scratch the sides of the car,and the bottom of the car scrapes.Charges may apply to fix scratches, under body and paintwork damage. Insurance also doesn’t cover underbody, overbody or water damage.

What if there is an emergency, accident or issue?

In the event of an emergency call 000 immediately. Contact us afterwards to inform us of the situation. There will be a fire extinguisher in an easily accessible position, always follow the instructions on the label.
Call our emergency no. 0427 200 030 if you get a flat tire, breakdown, or have major damage done to your car. Response times will depend on your location, what equipment may be required to diagnose and fix the issue, and whether you need a replacement car. Please bear with us and be respectful as we will help you as soon as we can, and diagnosing car issues is rarely straightforward. Certain vehicle faults can’t usually be predicted and can happen at any time.

What do I do if I damage my hire car?

If the damage is relatively minor, like a scuff, dent, crack or scratch, inform us within standard business hours before you return the car. If the damage is caused by another driver collect their details and send to us. We understand accidents happen and we deal with it all the time, so please be honest and respectful with our team.  

Where can I fill up my car?

Fuel is only available in the townships of Currie and Grassy. Currie:
King Island Motors located at 1 Netherby Rd is attended 9-5 weekdays and closed weekends. It has a 24 hr self service machine that processes card payments, activates the fuel pumps and dispenses receipts. It only accepts insert-able credit/debit cards (no tapping or cardless payments). Sometimes the machine clicks off early without filling the car fully, so check before you go and keep the receipt.
Grassy has Ernie’s Motor Garage, where you can grab a drink and information from a long-time local (opening hours vary).

What are the rules for pets, food and smoking?

Smoking is prohibited in all hire cars. Cleaning charges may apply if ash, smells or burn marks are present. Please dispose of cigarette butts responsibly.
Food and beverage containers/bottles should be secured to prevent spillage. Please clean up any spillages right away and throw out uneaten food items. Cleaning charges may apply for stains and any messes that are deemed to require special cleaning.
Unfortunately we also don’t allow pets at this time, Cleaning charges may apply if evidence of pet hair and mess is found.
Contact us if you need to travel with an assistance dog.



Do you have child seats for hire?

Unfortunately not at this time. You will most likely need to bring your own as there aren’t any equipment hire companies on King Island. Confirm with your airline whether you can bring your child seat for free as checked baggage.

Is there bicycle, mountain bike or surfboard hire on King Island?

Unfortunately not. You may be able to enquire with your accommodation in case they have equipment hire as an option. Golf equipment hire is available through certain golfcourses subject to conditions.

Where can I find out about attractions, eateries, hotels and more?

Visit or call the tourism office at (03) 6462 1355 (open 10 am-4pm, hours may vary).
Brochures are available at the airport and KIRDO Business Centre located 5 George St Currie. You can also access free WiFi there and at the Library.

What are the top tips for anyone visiting for the first time?

1.Since Telstra is the only mobile network, make sure you get a SIM card if you aren’t on Telstra so that you can call and text. Either that or enjoy your phone detox!
2.Always book eateries and experiences over a week in advance as availability is limited. Same with crayfish.
3. Make sure you have your flights and accommodation in order before booking your hire car.
4. Wave to fellow drivers, it’s the King Island Way!
5.Ask the friendly staff at the Tourism/Info Centre at 5 George st Currie for help if needed.
6.Drive carefully and watch out for wildlife. Hitting a cow at high speed would be similar to hitting a boulder.
7. Do not drive on the beach as getting bogged is a high risk.
8.Don’t forget to watch the Fairy Penguins at the Grassy Harbour! It’s free to see them, but don’t shine flashlights on them or get too close. Check under your car as well before you leave to avoid making penguin pancakes.
9. Don’t go to Red Hut unless you have a 4wd. If a road you’re on starts to get rough, turn back. You can report blocked roads or other issues to the local Council or let us know and we’ll do it for you.
10.Always leave a gate how you found it. If it’s shut, go through and shut it behind you. Some roads to attractions go through private property, travel at your own discretion and obey any signs.

Any Questions? We’re here to help.